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ReadySoft is a pioneer in providing Global Consulting and IT Services for Lowest Total Cost of Ownership, offering a wide range of solutions customized for a range of key vertical and horizontal. ReadySoft inhabit the entire IT space, from strategy consulting right to implementing IT Solutions for customers. It has excellent domain expertise in verticals such as, but not limited to, Retail, Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Semiconductor Software Development, Construction, ERP and BPO Sectors.
Value & Respect
At ReadySoft we are committed to foster a culture that demands respect and values diversity. Respect is what allows us to appreciate the best in other people. We are committed to understand and embrace interdependencies with our partners. We are fanatically committed to the success of our partners and customers first. Our Zeal to excellence empowers our employees to meet customer needs and solve customer problems – "That drive our Success
Customer Delight
Readysoft is committed to becoming the best source for providing quality and cost-effective IT solutions and Services. We accomplish this by meeting and exceeding our customers' requirements and expectations as measured by customer satisfaction, customer complaints, and reported problems. We are committed to continually improve the company's performance against these measures
Timely Manner
The information must always be produced as soon as possible to arrive at strategic decisions. The usefulness of information on economic and financial performance is closely linked to its timely availability to user groups. Timeliness ensures maximum uptake and utility of the information, enabling users to effectively integrate it into their decision-making. At ReadySoft we are committed for continued improvement of providing information on time by investing in our people, process and technology
We will accomplish this by working together as a team to rationalize operational overheads which does not add value for our customers, while striving to continuously improve our product and process quality. We will respect each employee as a contributing team member. In turn, all team members accept responsibility for their actions and strive for excellence in everything they do.
At Readysoft the most fundamental source of competitive advantage is to be innovative. Due to the constant improvements in technology the companies that are not able to provide new value to customers are losing ground. Hence, customers world wide have become more demanding. This renders us to be innovative, the mainspring of new value. At Readysoft we accomplish this by collaborative learning process which is similar to a good research and design process.
Cost Effective
Our unique Xtreme Delivery Model (XDM) allows us to leverage local competencies, rationalize operational overheads and continue mission critical operations of our customers, even in the most challenging of times.
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